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History & About Us

Seima Songs Ltd was established by Barry Amies in the late 60's and his brother Graham (aka Seimag) wrote songs that were published as sheet music & as broadsheets. Graham (now retired) created this website for Unsigned Songwriters & Bands UK so that they could come together and showcase their work.

The Seimag Sound website went live March 2008. Based in Llandudno North Wales it is dedicated to the memory of Barry Miles Amies 1935-1989.

The Music Business

It's hard to make your way as an unknown songwriter these days, as with the availability of free music downloads, our songwriters are unable to sell anything. There is support for those already in the business, but due to the volumn of music now on the internet, we believe it is only well established artists who are able to make a living.

As of 2017. We have scaled down the website and for the time being, have removed the option to purchase any songs. But we will continue to advertise all of our unsigned songwriters & bands, as we hope to attract the attention of those scouting for new talent. Samples of the Music are still available however.

In the meantime, we say; "Don't give your songs away" because they have a value and if you aspire to being recognised as a UK Songwriter in the future, you will need them.

We believe that if unsigned songwriters and bands come together on one website, they will have more contacts, reach a wider audience & get noticed by people looking for new talent. Then, if one gets signed up, the others will also be noticed & have a chance.

We will continue to provide marketing support for all of our Unsigned Songwriters UK. Each will have its own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and links to other network sites.

There was NO charge for joining our website and our Songwriters are still able to advertise free of charge.

Our Studio

Graham has written many new songs & some are now listed under Seimag Productions.
As we are not a band, we use home studio technology & local musicians for session work.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music is available with our own Productions. The Manuscript copies are professionally produced and provided in PDF format.
Go to the Sheet Music section or click on an individual song to browse and or buy.

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