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Home Page re-designed.

Fri 25th May 2012
Our Home Page now includes a Video Player and an unsigned Songwriter Slideshow. The website has 10 songwriters/bands, 14 genres and 60 o... more >>

The Unsignedbandshere Website

Wed 30th Nov 2011
The Unsignedbandshere website has been designed specifically to provide an additional link back to Seimagsound. Each songwriter/band ap... more >>

We support Unsigned Bands & Songwriters

Wed 22nd Jun 2011
We are delighted that three new local bands have joined us:- "The Shivering Hills" "Beyond the State" & "Hell & the Taid" This is a big ... more >>

The "Original Tunes" website

Mon 7th Mar 2011
We now have another website which displays examples of our work and provides a link back to Seimag sound. more >>

Sheet Music by Seimag Sound

Tue 8th Feb 2011
Sheet music copies are provided for all Seimag Productions. They are produced professionally and provided in PDF format. Go to the Sheet ... more >>


Thu 23rd Dec 2010
We are delighted to introduce Colourblind. A brilliant new rock band with a completely original style. more >>

Single on itunes

Tue 12th Oct 2010
"Steel Stella" (sung by Garrin) Bright lights, side shows, fairs have everything, Spend your money playing the machines. But if you wa... more >>


Tue 27th Jul 2010
Now for something completely different! This is for those of you who like it heavy. Check out the heavy rock songs by "Defect". more >>

youtube Video

Events - Nottingham Flickr Gallery -
Tue 18th May 2010
"Steel Stella" is a roller coaster and the "fastest ride on steel track". We hope you like the song and slide show of some of the worlds gr... more >>

Album now on iTunes

iTunes Album Cover
Thu 4th Mar 2010
Check out our new album "Rock Your Socks" on iTunes. The album consists of nine tracks in the rock / blues genre. more >>

The Latest Song

Mr Seimag (song writer)
Mon 21st Sep 2009
The latest song is entitled "Sooner or Later" and is Blues / Rock genre. Although not a singer himself, Mr Seimag just wanted to have a g... more >>

Multi Tasking

Studio Productions
Sat 5th Sep 2009
Seimag Sound has already produced 10 new songs which you can find on this website, so check them out and listen to the samples. However, we... more >>

Tyler Sanford

Tyler Sanford from the USA
Sat 5th Sep 2009
This week we welcomed Tyler Sanford onto our website. You can find him under "new bands / other acts" and listen to a sample of his song ... more >>

Our new site!

Daffyd strutting his stuff at Seimag Sound Productions
Mon 17th Mar 2008
This is a new site and a work in progress. We hope to be able to bring you new bands and other acts as soon as possible so watch this spac... more >>