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Robbie McDowell

Gimme Repetition (revised)

Robbie McDowell

Genre: Rap

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“Flicking through the Daily’s
Got a stirrin’ in my brain
Getting kinda interested in what the man’s saying
I hear the sound of overload
I’m checking my pulse
Attention quota used, blow a fuse
Starting to lose my mind inside, I realize
Gotta keep it going stay alive
Repeat the beat before it dies
Gotta know that repetition’s alive, I keep it inside.

You gotta gimme some
Gimme some Repetition
You gotta gimme some
Gimme some Stay alive”…….

"Gimme Repetition" (revised)
Feat hip-hop artist Mark Menace.
Backing vocals by European electro star Katja Von Kassel.
Written & Produced, Robbie McDowell.

Running time: 3 min 54 sec
Bitrate: 192kbps
Sample Length: 1 min 5 sec
Manuscript Size: 0 pages

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